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The hodads were formed in 1996 providing great music and an excitingly different live show. A wide range of audiences and age groups enjoy the dynamic performances and selection of songs. Corporate functions account for over 50% of bookings, while regular public venues include Jupiter’s and Treasury casinos, The Broadbeach Tavern, Twin Towns and many others. Primarily a trio piece, the Hodads have the ability to perform as a duo for smaller venues and functions. With a contemporary look and state of the art equipment, they are perfect for any venue or function.

Mike Vocals/acoustic, electric and bass guitar :

Mike’s professional career began in Newcastle in the early 90’s fronting numerous bands including the extremely successful “Caustic cowboys”. His powerful vocals, charisma and ability to captivate an audience ensures all who see him come back for a second dose.

Greg Vocals/ drums/ percussion :

Originally from the west coast of Canada, GT, which he is known, has been performing throughout his professional career at various locations worldwide. Greg dazzles crowds wherever he performs with his amazing talents both vocally and on his many percussive instruments.

Tim Vocals/ acoustic, electric and bass guitar: Hailing from Tasmania, Tim has established himself over many years on the south east Queensland circuit as a awesome entertainer. His outstanding vocal, guitar and bass skills need to be seen to be believed. The Hodads will make any occasion a special one.


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