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The show starts out as an elaborate hoax. The guests are suddenly surrounded by smoke. Red lights flash, a siren sounds. An announcement is heard....

“Bond, Bond where are you Bond. Come in Bond…”Ladies and gentlemen there is no cause for alarm....” (James Bond theme music plays in the background.) 007, 007 where are you...? Your country needs you. Come in 007!”

The Secret Service has invaded the function. Two security guards who are present in the room suddenly strip off their uniforms revealing tuxedos underneath. Two James Bonds now stand before the audience – Roger Moore Bond and Daniel Craig Bond.

Daniel Craig Bond : Who are you?

Roger Moore Bond : The name is Bond, James Bond.. Who are you?

Daniel Craig Bond: I'm Bond, James Bond.

As the Bonds Banter, they try to prove their unique 'bondness' by singing snippets from the famous Bond movies...'You only live twice', 'Goldfinger', 'Live and let die'… ‘Bond’ receives his orders.

A new movie is to be made and it is James’ mission to cast a villain, a Miss Money Penny and a new James Bond by casting members of the audience! Spectacular singing combines with comedy in this Bond Bonanza! “Viva Las Vegas” - audience participate in conga line finale!

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