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Diva. Superstar. One of the greatest silken vocalists of our time. "To hear LIBERTINA sing live in concert is to fall in love with music again". LIBERTINA: LIVE - is unique - a supremely talented, diamond-embossed status symbol. 10-feet tall, she eschews overt luxury and wealth, and performs ONLY for PREMIUM, TIER-ONE GLOBAL BRANDS, CORPORATIONS and clients - the super-rich, globally.

Her stunning 2-hour live stage show "Love Songs and Legends" is available for tours world-wide. The show is designed exclusively for the world's Tier-1 level clients who demand distinction, have exceedingly high expectations, sophisticated standards, and a requirement for their event that absolutely demands it must scream overt success.

A qualified concert pianist at a very early age (the internationally-renowned London Guild College of Fine Music), the young music prodigy LIBERTINA quickly found her incredible natural vocal ability, and over ensuing years, evolved her opulent live piano stage show "Love Songs and Legends" - a stunning, full-band stage production of classic vocal and piano anthems and show tunes. LIBERTINA'S diamond-encrusted, full-sized grand piano, under stage lighting, is unique, and stunning, directed mercurially by LIBERTINA's sheer musical dexterity.

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