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From the Australian East Coast, to the venues of London, the metros of Paris and the clubs of Mumbai, India,Audio Shaman had been on a journey through musical styles, studying and absorbing the origins of music in a wide range of cultures. Audio Shaman is the creative collaboration of two Australian musicians Carey O'Sullivan and Paul George. Their album 'Welcome Traveller' is a descriptive diary of thoughts,emotions and human relationships - a musical journey of observation. Melodic imagery and travelling stories.

Self confessed frequent flyers,George and O’Sullivan’s musical journey allows you to be nostalgic for places you have possibly never been. “We love to create songs that present meetings of different cultures, exploring tunes that primarily reflect the emotional or cultural influence of where we are right in that moment, no matter where that may be in the world” says O’Sullivan. Welcome Traveller is like a series of traveller’s landscapes providing a thoughtful listening experience that is enlightening, mesmerising and cleansing. This recording is a lush collection of down tempo meanderings, an international musical experience. There is the unifying presence of different lives and a wonderful crispness that rewards the listener.

The music is sumptuous and flows like blood through the body. Marrying acoustic gypsy scales and broken beats with smoothly integrated electronic world-sounds provides for a broad sonic palette and a dense layer of language, culture and tradition. Welcome Traveller offers a rare opportunity to explore the endlessly inventive and emotionally nourishing musical story telling of Carey O’Sullivan and Paul George and their musical travelling time machine Audio Shaman. The journey is always more important than the destination.

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