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Julian plays a variety of venues across southeast Queensland as a guitar vocalist, and is available for hire any night of the week, other bookings notwithstanding. Places you will typically find Julian are lounge bars, restaurants, jazz and Latin clubs, hotels and resorts, and he is also available private parties and functions. From the rock, rhythm and blues beginnings in the mid '60's, Julian Jones has trodden the various musical directions until present day. His love of the classical guitar performing Latin and Jazz is reflected in his popularity at the mic of many venues throughout the world.

Following early involvement with popular music styles, Julian Jones has dedicated himself to exploring the vast possibilities offered on the nylon string, classical style guitar in a jazz, latin context. Throughout the 70's and 80's he laid his name become synonymous amongst the contemporary Jazz guitarist on the Brisbane circuit. He backed greats like the Doobie Brothers and Joe Cocker on their tours of Australia and then went on to establish the famous Sweet Sixteen recording studios in Milton. The love of the jazz tradition was nurtured during an eleven year stay in the USA, whilst teaching commercial music at McLennan Music College in Texas. Renowned New York nylon string master Gene Bertoncini provided inspiration during a week long clinic at the college and Julian had found his musical calling. Adding to the guitar skills are Julian’s fine vocal abilities, honed over years of professional performances in a wide variety of jazz, Latin, pop and rock styles.

Having returned to Australia in 1994, Julian has continued his busy performing schedule, primarily concentrating on smaller venues where the subtle qualities of the nylon string guitar can be optimised. The repertoire includes a good dose of the American songbook, with some Latin standards and re-harmonisations of popular tunes by various artists.

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