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ANGELA IIMURA w/ THE FAR EAST ALL STARS JAZZ ENSEMBLE (3 to 8 Piece Contemporary Jazz Ensemble)

Lead By Owen j Newcomb - Double & Electric Bass The Far East All Stars Ensemble are a group of the finest musicians from the Far East of Australia, lead by Bassist Owen j Newcomb. RE-BIRTH OF THE COOL – NEW YORK JAZZ (1940’s – 1970’s)

New sound, old spirit might be the best way to distil the impact of the Angela Iimura & the ‘Far East All Stars Ensemble’. A classy band comprising of up to 8 of Brisbane’s finest Jazz Musicians, Far East All Start Ensemble expands on the ideals of contemporary jazz through traditional roots as well as creating a balance of eloquence and exploration in a setting and with an attitude that can only expand their circle of fans and reinforce FEAS place among the vanguard of Brisbane ‘JASS’ bands.

Performing many times at one of Brisbane’s longest standing jazz nights, Wednesday’s at the Press Club as well as the Brisbane Jazz Club & a plethora of classy corporate and private functions, FEAS present a repertoire and sound that sets a mood and ambiance capable of transporting a function directly to a stylish New York Jazz Club or Venue in Paris. JAZZ MUSIC INFLUENCS: 50’s, 60’s Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Jimmi Heath, Wayne Shorter, Chet Baker, Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Wynton Marsalis, Stan Gets, Charles Mingus, and many more………

Featuring an 'All Star' cast of musicians such as: Jamie Clark (Gtr), Sol Carroll (Gtr), John Reeves (Pno), Lochlan Mitchel (Gtr), Nathan Goldman (Dms), Hark Henman (Dms), Nick Aggs (T.Sax), Carl Harvoe (Tpt), Phil Noy (Saxes), John Hoffman (Tpt) & Sam Mitchel (Dms)

As you can see by the list of Musicians, 'All Stars' speaks for itself. 'Far East' however comes from a few different places :

1. Our Local Area's of performing are mostly in the South East of Queensland & North East New South Wales (Far Eastern Australia) & Oj has spent the majority of his professional life living & setting up Low Pressure Productions on the coast of Byron Bay, the most Easterly point of Australia.

2. Over the Past 12 Years, Oj & many of the musicians he has worked closely with have studied or traveled to many Eastern parts of the world. These Ancient Cultures carry incredibly interesting & rich musical textures, rhythms & melodies. eg. India, Japan, Nepal, Dubai & Thailand. As well as Africa & Brazil. This has been a massive inspiration to Oj as an artist & musician.

3. Last but not least, it is a dedication to one of the most swinging & inspirational musician/band leader/composers of the Jazz Age. Duke Ellington. " Far East Suite was composed in fits and starts following the band's State Department-sponsored tour of Syria, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq and other countries." All About Jazz-New York FAR EAST ALL STARS (FUNK, FUSION & MODERN SOUL) A LIVE SUPER FLY BAND BASSED ON THE FAR EAST OF AUSTRALIA It's rare that you will see a band pushing the boundaries of modern soul with the intent of keeping it deeper in the pocket then the groove of your favourite 7" or as roar & funky as a Betty Davis turquoise chain.

The 'FAR EAST ALL STARS' will have you moving & shaking whilst touching your deepest emotions with out you even knowing it. FUNK MUSIC INFLUENCES: Betty Davis, Curtis Mayfield, The Meters, JB, The Headhunters, Sly & the family Stone, The Commodores, James Brown, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Shakti, Fela Kuti, The Roots, D'Angelo, and many more ….. Songs: Givin' up food for funk, I Want to take you higher, Let me have it all, Brick House, Get Down, Jungle Man, Just Kissed my Baby, Africa, Straight from the Gate, Pusher Man, Hot Pants.. ??

The FEAS perform for anybody interested in getting down to quality grooves & sounds. Available for Weddings, Cocktail Parties, Backyard BBQ's, Rooftop Parties, Corporate Funktions, Rock Star after parties & in any local live house/venue. ??

“Far East All Stars (Funk Band) “we are forever grateful for the great tunes and vibe?that had our whole reception dancing. You guys are amazing and a highlight of our?wedding day” - Glenn and Meagan Fawcett??

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